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Canamo Companions’ Dog Treats are all organic, grain-free treats each contain 20mg of CBD, making a perfect delicacy for your furry friend!

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Here at Canamo Concepts’ our goal was to create products that allow people to get the most out of life and we believe that that also extends to Man’s Best Friend! Our Canamo Companion Dog Treats are all natural, gluten and grain free treats that are safe for any sized dogs. We found the highest quality ingredients with no preservatives or chemicals to create the perfect bite size treat for your pup that is both delicious but also extremely beneficial. While the use of CBD in dogs is a new topic for scientific research, studies have found that CBD helps in supporting a healthy immune system and joints, as well as reducing both aggression and anxiety causes by external stress.

Our suggested intake method: Based on the size of your furry friend, the intake of daily use varies. For small dogs, we recommend ¼  treat a day (about 5mg CBD). For medium dogs, we recommend ½ to 1 treat a day (about 15-20mg CBD). For larger dogs, we recommend 1 treats a day (about 20mg CBD). You can add the treats to your everyday routine or as needed for moments of increased external stress, such as fireworks, long car rides, etc.

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3 reviews for Dog Treats

  1. Claudia

    This is now my dogs favorite treat!!

  2. Kyla

    We travel with our dogs often and this seems to be the best thing to calm them down

  3. Danny

    Helps my older dog with joint pain stay active and healthy

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