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Extreme Relief Kit


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Our Extreme Relief Kit includes a product for every occasion: Our CBD 900mg Tincture, CBD Rainbow Bear Gummies (1,000mg), and Pain Relief Salve (500mg).


We’ve pulled together some of our most popular products with higher concentrations or bulk supply of our epic CBD formula, perfect for people who already know and love using CBD in their everyday routine.

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For ingredient information and suggested intake methods please visit each individual product listing by clicking the product name below.
Tincture  (900mg)
If you are looking for fast acting CBD, Canamo Concepts’ CBD Tincture is the perfect product for you! We offer a variety of flavors, as well potencies. Our Tinctures are locally made and formulated with 99% pure CBD Isolate, which allows the body to absorb it faster and let you quickly feel the positive effects.

Gummies (1,000mg)
When you are on-the-go and want to get cannabidiol into your system discreetly, our Canamo Concepts’ Gummy Candies is a match made in heaven! When you consume CBD in edible form, like a gummy candy, it is broken down and absorbed in your stomach slowly and over time. This means it will produce a slower onset effect but provide long-lasting relief. We have multiple delicious flavors for you to choose from, which makes it the perfect quick and tasty CBD-infused snack.

Salve (500mg)
With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, aches and pains are unfortunately a daily occurrence for most of us! From professional athletes, to avid gym users, and to our busy moms and dads, the Canamo Concepts’ Salve is a great everyday addition to any holistic pain-management regimen. Our containers hold approximately 500mg of CBD, as well as menthol which when combined together aids in the relaxation of sore muscles and joints. While research is ongoing, science have identified a clear relationship between the effect of CBD oil on joint pain. Based on scientific research, CBD appears to inhibit or activate key compounds which influence the endocannabinoid system (ECS), including anandamide. This compound is associated with pain reduction, and CBD helps increase its absorption. As CBD levels increase in the bloodstream, the amount of perceived pain may lesson. Additional studies have found that the use of topical CBD also significantly reduces joint swelling. This means that individuals suffering from joint related issues, such as Arthritis, can find therapeutic relief from pain-related inflammation.

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Additional information

Tincture Flavors

O.G, Spearmint, Lemon, Cinnamon

Gummy Flavors

Rainbow Bears, Sour Worms (with melatonin)

2 reviews for Extreme Relief Kit

  1. Paul

    The name says it all. Very happy with this purchase!

  2. Kristin

    I have used CBD for years. This was the best product bundle. I will be buying again,

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