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Shatter Crystals


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Canamo Concepts’ terpene infused CBD Shatter Crystals is our fastest acting, most potent CBD product available. These dabable Shatter Crystals reach potency levels of 95%; equivalent to 950mg of CBD per gram.

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Our intake method:

  • Dabbing
  • Vaporization

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Blood Orange, Blueberry, Canamo O.G., Rainbow Sherbet, Wedding Cake

5 reviews for Shatter Crystals

  1. Corey

    Wedding cake is so good! 😛

  2. Sam

    Super cheap and effective. Using it for a THC break and will be buying more!

  3. Fawks

    These shatter crystals are the best I can find in my state! I am a very sensitive to substances, so I use CBD a lot to help with anxiety and paranoia. The Blood Orange is probable my favorite, but the Blueberry relaxes you so much you could take a nap. Those blue terps are potent!

  4. Drea Valdez

    I have implemented the Canamo CBD Crystals, my favorite is the Rainbow Sherbert, by far (the flavor tastes like candy) This has helped calm anxiety and tummy aches. I would strongly suggest trying out this bomb product.

  5. Jessica

    These have been a life saver when it comes to my monthly cycles! I drop a little crystal in my coffee/tea and it really takes the edge off the pain and cramping.

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