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Canamo Concepts


Our Canamo Concepts’ gummy candies are a great way to get cannabidiol in your system discreetly and when on-the-go. Our CBD gummies come in a convenient serving of 10mg per piece and 150mg total per package.Treat yourself with one of our several delicious new fruit flavors. Canamo Concepts’ CBD gummies are the perfect choice for a quick and tasty CBD-infused snack!

Canamo Concepts


Our Canamo Concepts’ CBD Tincture (available in 450mg or 900mg bottles) was crafted to provide fast relief. Pure, natural,& almost tasteless, our O.G. formula is the most simplistic approach to enjoying the benefits of a daily CBD regimen. After experimental trials, we’ve added natural flavors to enhance the consumer’s experience. Formulated with 99% pure CBD isolate, you’ll quickly feel the effects.
Enjoy the THC-free benefits of our Canamo Concepts’ CBD tincture! For those that prefer flavor in their tinctures, we make Cinnamon, Lemon, & Spearmint, all made with premium terpenes

Canamo Concepts


Canamo Concepts’ Salve is a great addition to any holistic pain-management regimen. Our salve is 250mg of CBD per container and also contains menthol, which helps aid in the relaxation of sore muscles and joints.The CBD isolate is infused into the salve’s lotion-like consistency, enabling the consumer to easily treat a variety of physical ailments. Pack it up and keep it moving!